What is the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG) Network?                                           

GACG is the international network of national and regional IP protection and enforcement organisations.  There are currently 21 Members covering more than 40 Countries and many other related groups and organisations.  The objectives are to exchange and share best practices and information, and to participate in appropriate joint activities to solve international IPR enforcement challenges. 

1. Co-ordination of members’ international activities, especially in relation to international government organisations; 


MOU on joint activity and co-operation with World Customs Organisation (WC)); Joint projects on organised crime involvement in counterfeiting and Piracy with UNICRI; GACG and members are leading participants in the new EU Observatory on IP Infringements; Co-founder and active participant in Interpol IP Crime Group; Official observer at the WIPO Advisory Committee on Enforcement; Co-operation and joint activities with UNICRI – the United Nations Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute – research and training on organised criminal involvement in IP crime. 

Co-ordination and active participation in training and education seminars, conferences and bilateral meetings, including events and projects with EU, the EU Observatory, Interpol, WIPO, UN agencies, WHO, OHIM, EPO, and many Regional and National authorities. 

Co-ordination of activities and objectives with International Business groups: ICC-BASCAP; INTA, AIM, CACP and International Industry Groups: IFPI, MPA, BSA etc.

2. Research and dissemination of information for the public awareness of the international dimension of the trade in fakes; 


The UNICRI (with GACG) Report on The Involvement of Organised Crime in the Trade of Dangerous Fakes (2007) brought together important facts and information and launched the concept of an international observatory on counterfeiting and piracy; the CEBR report on the economic impact of fakes in Europe commissioned by the GACG and published in 2000 was a prime source of justification (and acknowledged as such) for the EU Green Paper and Action plan on combating counterfeiting and piracy in the EU which led to the Council Directive on Civil Enforcement of IPRs and eventually the EU Observatory on Infringements of IPRs.  GACG and GACG members have participated in several other IPR enforcement related research and information dissemination projects with the EU, Interpol and UNICRI. 

GACG has been instrumental in establishing and promoting World Anti-Counterfeiting Day (now in its seventeenth year) as an opportunity to promote public awareness of the economic and social impact of counterfeiting and piracy.  High profile events have been held in several GACG member countries including the UK, USA, France, Italy, Finland, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Canada, Ukraine, India and many other countries. 

The annual Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards (also now in their seventeenth year), organised and administered by the GACG, have recognised exceptional work in the international campaign against the trade in fakes by individuals, official organisations, rights holders, associations, authentication technology users and the media.  

3. Exchange of best practice and fostering of the establishment of national and other anti-counterfeiting groups. 


Establishment of annual seminar meetings to exchange information and best practices between network members; Publication of guidelines for public awareness campaigns; contributions to various national best practice reports and seminars. 

Group members established in Kenya, India, the Ukraine, Norway, Nigeria, and Canada.  New regional members: Marques – The Association of European Trade Mark Owners.  Ongoing contact with potential candidate organisations in several regions and countries.  

Current Activities Programme 

1. Joint activities with WCO, Interpol, the EU Observatory, EU Commission and UNICRI; Strengthening the network of co-operation between GACG Network member groups and with the international government organisations. With particular emphasis on working with the International NGOs: ICC/BASCAP, INTA/ACC, and AIM ACC and with other international rights owners’ groups.  Further conferences, seminars and events in co-operation with national member groups and other international organisations. 

2. Continuation and improvement of the networking benefits and of the awareness and education potential derived from World Anti-Counterfeiting Day and the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards.  Promotion of international guidelines on IP enforcement issues especially the issues around the involvement of organised criminals in IP crime; and full support for further joint research into international aspects of the campaign against the trade in fakes.  

3. Increase the effectiveness of the GACG network and benefits of membership (through 1 & 2 above) for all potential members but particularly for new groups in developing countries.

Download our Statutes: French, English and Spanish versions.