What is the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group?

GACG is the international network of national and regional IP protection and enforcement organisations covering more than 50 Countries.    The members are not for profit associations of IP rights holders and their representatives.  The main objectives are to co-ordinate members’ international activities, share best practices and information, and to participate in appropriate joint activities to solve international IPR enforcement challenges.

1. Co-ordination of members’ international activities, especially in relation to international government organisations - GACG is an official observer at the WIPO Advisory Committee on Enforcement; and a leading participant in the EU Observatory on IP Infringements; GACG has signed an MOU on co-operation with World Customs Organisation (WCO) and was a co-founder of the Interpol IP Crime Group.

GACG plays an active co-operative role in co-ordination of activities and objectives with International Business groups such as INTA, AIM, and TRACIT and International Industry Groups such as IFPI, MPAA, BSA and ICCE.

2. Research and Reports for public awareness of the international dimension of the trade in fakes.  The GACG report on the economic impact of fakes in Europe published in 2000 was a prime source of justification for the first EU Green Paper and Action plan on combating counterfeiting and piracy in the EU and which started the process of IGO Involvement in the campaign and led inter alia to the setting up of  EU Observatory on Infringements of IPRs.and more widely to World Congress on Combatting Counterfeiting and Piracy.

GACG works on joint projects with WIPO, Interpol, WCO and other UN and EU agencies including WTO, WHO, EUIPO, Europol and  EPO. – mainly research and training on organised criminal involvement in IP crime and on strategic operational and strategic initiatives such as the economic and social impact of IP Infringements and IP Crime.

The annual Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards organised by the GACG, have recognised exceptional work in the international campaign against the trade in fakes by individuals, official organisations, rights holders, media, associations, and relevant technology services.  2019 was the 21st year of the Awards

In 2003 GACG established World Anti-Counterfeiting Day as an annual opportunity to promote public awareness of the economic and social impact of counterfeiting and piracy.  It is held every year on or around  8June.

3.  Exchange of best practice and fostering of the establishment of national and other anti-counterfeiting groups.  GACG organises annual members meetings to exchange information and best practices and publishes advice and guidance on online infringements, inter-agency co-operation and guidelines for public awareness campaigns; GACG contributes to various national and regional best practice reports and seminars.  GACG continually seeks to establish and develop anti-counterfeiting groups – especially in emerging economies.