Union des Fabricants


Events 2019 overview

Some of the Conferences organized in 2019 


-          20 Customs Trainings organized in 2019

-          15 Gendarmerie Trainings organized in 2019 

Conferences on IP 

-          Conference on China: “News of intellectual property law and of combatting the fight against counterfeiting in            China”

-          UNIFAB Tokyo meeting: “Legal topicality and role of platforms”.

-          Conference: “Free movement of goods, exhaustion of rights and selective distribution

-          Conference on Piracy / Blocking of sites Meeting

-          Commission: “Communicate about battle against counterfeiting”

-          Commission Brazil: “The matters of intellectual property in South America”

-          Commission: “Situation report and testimonials of intellectual property rights owners in Gulf countries”

-          Conference IP in Argentina

-           “Situation report and testimonials of IPR owners in Gulf countries” 

Work with platforms

-          Amazon task force meeting

-          Facebook task force meeting

-          Alibaba task force meeting

-          Lazada task Force Meeting

-          Vinted task force meeting

-          Pinduoduo task force meeting 

Working groups

-          Cosmetics and perfumes task force meeting

-          Seizure of domain names task force meeting

-          Task force with municipality of Saint-Ouen

-          32th Liaison office meeting, Interregional Customs directorate of Paris airport

Communication actions

-          Unifab’s awareness campaign on July 2019 in South of France

-          Digital Campaigns for black Friday

-          World anti counterfeiting and GAC awards in June 2019

-          UNIFAB EU IP Forum in March 2019 

Lobbying actions

- Meetings with French, EU, and international officials for intermediary’s responsibility, domain names seizures…