Ukraine Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy


Events 2019 overview

Back in the spring of 2012, the Ukraine Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (UACCP), a member of the GACG Network, joined the GACG Network's international consumer education campaign to raise consumer awareness and reduce consumption of counterfeit goods. A continuing awareness-raising campaign «Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti-Piracy Days in Ukraine» was launched in cooperation with the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Ukraine) and involved government authorities. 

The Ukrainian campaign is held under the slogans «I BUY REAL! I DON’T BUY FAKES!» and is aimed at persuading the consumers about the seriousness of this problem and highlighting the risks and damages caused by purchasing counterfeits. In the frames of the campaign the UAACP is organizing on a regular basis the series of events for the representatives of government authorities and businesses, students, pupils, media. 

During 2019 the UAACP has carried out around 20 various activities hosted by the Youth National Ecologic and Naturalistic Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, 6th International Intellectual Property Forum, National News Agency “Ukrinform”, International Forum “INNOVATION MARKET 2019”, JSC “PLASKE”, Department for specialized training and kennel support of the State Fiscal Service. 

With the support of EU Delegation to Ukraine and in frames of activities organized jointly with the UAACP, four meetings with the local authorities of Lviv, Odesa, Poltava, Kharkiv have been held involving the representatives of business community. In Kyiv, the social event was organized for the EU Economic Counselors, and in the National News Agency “UKRINFORM” during a public discussion titled "I buy real!", on the occasion of the EU-Ukraine IPR Dialogue, a social event was held which included a master class on the identification of original goods and the review of samples displayed in the UAACP’s mobile Museum of Counterfeits. 

During the events the participants had an opportunity to view the samples of counterfeit and pirated goods gathered in the UAACP Museum of Counterfeits, attend the exclusive master classes on identification of original goods and take part in an anonymous survey on counterfeit consumption. 

During seven years of the campaign the UAACP has carried out around 100 various activities not only in the capital of Ukraine, but also in the other large cities, such as Lviv, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Khmelnytsky, Poltava, Kharkiv covering up to 50,000 participants. 

Detailed information about the campaign's progress may be found on the UACCP's website and on the Alliance’s Facebook page.