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Events 2019 overview

Anti-Counterfeiting Group - 2019 GACG Activity Round-up

Our key aim has been to develop and drive more effective joint enforcement related actions through a more multi-dimensional and integrated community.

A key aspect of our service in 2019 has been our work to enable and facilitate multi-sector, intelligence led, actions, against serious counterfeiters. In 2019, ACG enabled over 150 raid actions, in which we netted over a million counterfeit products, with an estimated value of around £20,000,000. To do this we worked relentlessly with UK Trading Standards, Border Force, police and a host of other enforcement related agencies. 

As Chair of the National Markets Group ACG we helped to prevent and halt the infiltration of our traditional markets, by organised counterfeiters. As part of this work, we have assisted in tackling some of the UK’s most notorious markets and helped the Group to sign up over 90 UK markets to the UK Real Deal Charter.  However, our operational work hasn’t solely focused on physical markets. We have also acted against online sales of fake products, through websites and social media. This has disrupted the activities of numerous, major, suppliers. 

As our borders are continually being tested by organised crime and we worked to provide extra support. For our customs authorities. In this we joined Border Force on major intensification exercises, at key UK airports, which resulted in ten’s thousands of fake goods being prevented from arriving in the UK. Furthermore, our intelligence coordination role helped to disrupt notable Organised Crime gangs. 

Alongside our operational efforts we have worked to build a more integrated community and to have strived to guide and develop IP related, policies knowledge, education and skills. 

Notable partnerships have been developed throughout the year and, amongst others, we are delighted to be working now with RUSI and to have joined the National Consumer Federation and its Enforcement subgroup, the Road Haulage Security Alliance, the Supply Chain Risk Industry Partnership (SCRIP). 

In the knowledge building area, we have provided:

- Enforcement liaison opportunities for brands to exhibit/advise enforcement officials at specific Training Days/IP    Roadshows

- Tailored brand protection training

- Our “expert” Brand Protection Guide

- Direct input to UK, EU and international lobbying, policy development and public communication initiatives

- Regular reports about relevant legislation, enforcement issues and international developments

- ACG expert working groups on brand protection/enforcement, policy etc. this includes our Consumer Brands Group,   Policy Group and associated working groups (e.g Online and Physical working groups) 

Numerous international conferences and workshops on issues such as counterfeiting and illicit trade