On January 21, 2020, police carried out raids at 15 chain store sites in Kyiv, Ukraine. More than 100 law enforcement officers took part in the extensive raids.  The raids were carried out under the co-ordination and authority of the Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office and with the operational support of the State Fiscal Service.

The raids were carried out at the request of a number of right holders, the owners of famous sports and fashion brands, whose trademark rights were infringed. The preparations for the raids took a year to organize and have only just come to action. Pakharenko and Partners of the Ukraine Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy gave support to the co-ordonation of the actionare now providing legal back-up.

The chain store in question is involved in the illegal storage and sale of counterfeit goods marketed with illegal famous trademarks. The availability and sale of counterfeit products that have not been officially imported into Ukraine suggests that they are manufactured illegally in Ukraine or imported into Ukraine with concealment from customs control or without customs control at all, thus avoiding payment of duties.

The raids were carried out in the framework of Operation “Shield” –  following the rulings of the investigative judges of the Holosiyivsky District Court of Kyiv and as part of the criminal proceedings initiated under Para. 3 of Art. 229 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (unlawful use of the mark for goods and services, trade name, qualified indication of the origin of the goods, which caused material damage in especially big amount).

The chain store involved has its retail outlets in a number of Ukraine’s largest cities where it sells cheap counterfeit goods using the intellectual property of famous and well-known brands.

To be continued...

As reported by Pakharenko and Partners of the Ukraine Alliance against Counterfeiting and Piracy (UAACP)

Further Information on IPR enforcement in Ukraine is available – go to: www.uaacp.org or contact Pakharenko and Partners through: pakaharenko@pakharenko.com.ua